About us

A natural progression

The now organics story begins back in the late 1980s, when Louis and Frances Mamo became some of the pioneers of the current trend to natural herbal health almost accidentally, as their hobby, the manufacture of fragrant toiletries & gifts for the Tasmanian tourism market, became a business that just grew and grew.
They were driven by a deep curiosity about how things work and how substances interact. They realised that many old remedies hold promises for human wellness.They recognised the power and therapeutic value of natural herbs.
Now Organics Pty. Ltd. was a natural progression in 2006.

The name says it all Natural Oils and Waxes that become pure safe skincare and soothing balms.

Over the years, this journey of discovery and passion for unlocking the power of nature has continued.



The Perfumery Co was another milestone in 2010.

The elegant art of natural perfumery, skillfully executed for your personal pleasure.
Pure essential oils, natural plant extracts, and exotic absolutes are delicately combined, balanced and harmonised to create each aromatic blend. The complex heart of each fragrance...The Extrait de Parfum

The delightful magic continues to evolve. Fragrances for your body. Fragrances for your home. Personal pleasures from natural resources.

You are invited to explore our ranges and enjoy the natural difference.